Is sustainability your brand's cup of tea?

Add a carbon footprint calculator to your existing banking app to drive digital engagement for your customers, build loyalty, increase brand awareness & revenue.

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Can you relate to any of this?↓

Are you trying to introduce sustainability in your organization as a brand, product, or customer experience strategy? Wearing many hats and can't seem to have a straightforward path to implement your vision?

Do you run into roadblocks because others in your department are not as innovative as you are, meaning little or no budgets for your creative ideas? Or maybe it is tough to sell your ideas to management or investors and get approval?

You have the budget for your initial projects, but you need more to scale up. That keeps you up at night, and it is frustrating because of the slow processes in some organizations which indirectly affects you in achieving your KPIs?

One of your ultimate goals is getting the resources needed to implement sustainability "for real" in the company, which will enable you to retain most of your customers since sustainability is something most of them want.

Welcome to Deedster Retail!

A tech solution that assists banks and financial institutions grappling with many complex sustainability issues to finally embrace and install green finance strategies in their organizations.

How to engage your customers with our solution ↓

Lifestyle climate footprint
Using national climate data, Deedster Retail, enables your customers to see the carbon impact for each purchase they make, calculate their carbon budget, and trace carbon spending as effortlessly as they track financial spending.

Learnings and insights

Raise your customers' climate awareness by presenting  insights on the climate impact of their consumption through our Personal Carbon Manager (PCM) - the climate equivalence of PFM solutions.

Data-driven guidance and action

Based on your customers' consumption profiles, we provide personalized suggestions on reducing their carbon footprint and introducing greener habits in their daily lives.


Green incentives and rewards
And finally, innovate your customer experience with our gamification resources, micro saving features, cash-back triggers, and green offerings. Talk about building customer engagement and retention!

Creating solid relationships with your bank customers

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Your Benefits

Increased Customer Engagement

Increased Customer Insights

Expanded Sustainability Offering

Sustainability Brand Awareness

Success Story

Deedster Retail
with SEB Baltics

SEB Baltics, launched SEB | My Footprint - a white label app with Deedster. A great example on how a bank took their sustainability strategy to the next level, reaching millions of people, raising climate awareness and inspiring climate actions across three markets. Watch the tv-commercial introducing the app.

"It´s been a pleasure to work with Deedster. The level of professionalism, the speed and how this project has progressed has been phenomenal. We started with an idea, and within 10 months we launched our app in three markets. To navigate all different aspects of this project in a cross-geography collaboration within this timeframe has been an amazing teamwork.".

Ragnar Toomla, Chief Product Owner Digital Channels, SEB Baltics.

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Leading the change

A message
from our CPO

”A planet on the brink deserves our greatest efforts. When we come together as individuals, decision makers, businesses and financial institutions, actions seeming very small actually matter a lot.

Change doesn’t happen overnight but wherever you’re at, Deedster is about enabling you to go further.”

Monika Martinsson,CPO/ Co-Founder Deedster

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