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Climate action for customers and employees

Involve your customers in your journey or start engaging your employees in the most important issue of our times – creating a cool future for coming generations. 

For your customers
Deedster Inside
Climate action on your own platform! We increase engagement and retention with your customers by providing gamified climate data through our tech solution.
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For your employees
Deedster Challenge
Climate action in the workplace! We engage and activate your team in an easy and fun way.
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Deedster Inside

Engage your customers

We offer gamified modules that can be embedded in your own platform – web or mobile app. We offer a transaction-based climate footprint, quiz-based learnings and data-driven personalized inspiration rewarding your customers when engaging in true climate action.

Deedster Inside App

Raise Awareness

of your organization’s sustainability and climate initiatives.

Inspire and Take Lead

by becoming and staying relevant to your customers.

Boost Engagement

by involving customers in sustainability matters close to your business.

Service Modules

Lifestyle Climate Footprint
Based on your transactions and profile. Fully integrated with Gold Standard climate offset.
Data-driven guidance and actions
Personlized suggestions for climate-smart consumption and daily habits
Learnings and Insights
Content provided in a dynamic quiz engine
Green Incentives and Rewards
Gamification resources. Microsavings, cash-backs and offerings.

Deedster Challenge

Engage your employees

This is the ultimate sustainability challenge for organisations wanting to take action in the climate issue. Think of it as a step-counter competition for the climate, engaging your employees in teams in doing climate smart actions while learning more about the sustainability and climate change.

The most active team wins!

Learning and Insights

It is becoming critical for businesses to understand the climate issue on a broader level. We educate your entire organisation with the use of the latest research and industry-specific content.

Real Climate Action

We nudge you and your collegues towards real climate action. Take the bike, eat a vegetarian lunch and travel by train. You get points for every action!

Climate Gamification

Game is on! Create teams and compete in doing as many deeds for the climate as you can!
Deedster Challenge

How It Works

We guide you in setting up teams and structure within your organization. You decide the start date, as well as the duration of the challenge.
The Deedster team swings by your office to introduce Deedster Challenge. Here, our sustainability experts give an inspiring talk on climate change, giving everyone motivation and an energy boost.
On the Way
In the scoreboard view, you can track both your own, your team’s and the organisation’s progress in saving CO2e and number of deeds, real-time. In addition you’ll get a weekly report.
Finishing Line
The winning team is awarded and Deedster provides you with statistics and reports of your organisation’s progress.
Keep Going
Acting against climate change doesn’t stop here. We give you access to the Deedster app for a full year, helping to create a new norm in your organization.

Success Story

Deedster Challenge with Academic Work

The amazing crowd at Academic Work took the Deedster Challenge to their heart and performed an extraordinary competition with incredible engagement and joy. Who knew climate action could be this much fun!

We accelerate everyday actions towards sustainable living.
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