The Ikano Sustainability Challenge

Welcome to a global challenge for all co-workers at Ikano in partnership with Deedster. 

It’s climate action made easy and fun! In the Ikano Sustainability Challenge, all co-workers will get the opportunity to learn more about our three sustainability focus areas and engage in true climate action while doing so. 

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Ikano Sustainability Challenge

Together, we build the Ikano Future 2.0

We warmly welcome you to our Ikano Sustainability Challenge! 

We have an exciting and important journey ahead, involving many small, decisive steps towards becoming a truly sustainable company. Throughout the journey, we will learn, challenge ourselves and change. 

Each contribution counts, so we all need to engage – together we can make a difference for a better future and the success of Ikano.  

Keeping our focus 

Through the Ikano Deedster App and on other platforms, we will in the coming weeks learn more about the latest research on climate and sustainability as well as our three internal focus areas by quizzing and   doing climate smart deeds  to reduce carbon emissions. 

The challenges run from 9 March until 9 April. New content is released on Tuesdays at 03:00 a.m. CET. One set of content for each focus area:  

March 9: Healthy and Sustainable Living 

March 16: Circular and Climate Positive 

March 23: Fair and Inclusive

All three challenges run simultaneously from 23 March until we close the challenges on the 9 April.   


Using a smart phone, you can calculate your footprint, quiz on sustainability and do climate smart deeds. Simple and fun. Keep track of your progress and the exciting competition between the other Ikano teams in the app’s scoreboard. 

If you don’t wish to use the app, keep an eye out for Deeds of the Day, web quizzes and surveys that will be posted on Ikano One and other platforms. All materials are marked with “Ikano Sustainability Challenge”. 


Start: Tuesday March 9th 03:00 a.m. CET
Finish: Friday April 9th03:00 a.m. CET 

Winners will be announced at the Ikano Future 2.0 event on 21 April . 

How Do I Join?

Using a smart phone to join the Ikano Sustainability Challenge, simply follow the steps below.  

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Get going

  1. From your phone: go to and choose your language 
  2. Click on the join link, this will direct you to Ikano Sustainability Challenge 
  3. Follow the steps to download the Deedster app 
  4. Calculate your carbon footprint (This data is only visible to you.) 
  5. Create an account and fill in your name and your e-mail address. Tip: you can change the autogenerated name to your own to let your teammates know it is you or create a nick name if you want to stay anonymous.  
  6. Pick your team 
  7. Go to the Challenge view and get going!  
  8. Turn on push notifications to keep up to date with the latest stats during the competition 
  9. In the leaderboard you can keep track of your team’s progress and rank, and in the profile view you can see your own progress 
  10.  Deed away! 

GDPR and Integrity

All your personal data will be handled in compliance with GDPR. Deedster will not show your personal carbon footprint to anyone but you. 

Support, Questions & Feedback (In English)

If you have questions or need support, you can see our FAQ or reach out to us at No support is too small, and no question is too big! Also, we love feedback from our users, so please don’t hold back if you have something you want to share. 

Are you experiencing problems finding your team in the app? Or did you accidentally end up in the wrong team? Click on this link (don’t forget to add link) in your phone to get a list of direct links to of all teams in Ikano Sustainability Challenge.  

Support, Questions & Feedback (In Thai, Polish or Spanish)

Please reach out to xxxx@ikano