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How to Create a Green Culture at Work that Engages Employees

A green culture at work? We know it isn’t easy to adjust and motivate ourselves to adopt a different lifestyle. However, in building a sustainable company, that change needs to start from us and gradually work its way to our workplaces.  

Having a green culture at work is a huge bonus for our environment. It also helps find the best incentives to commit to being a sustainable company and contribute to a green economy.   

A Green Culture in the Workplace for a Committed Future  

As CNN Business puts it, taking actions to nurture our environment will benefit businesses. As more and more consumers are concerned about the carbon footprint of companies, large corporations are taking accountability and investing in combating climate action. Thus, green culture is part of the reality of businesses.  

The advantages of flourishing a green culture in the workplace can strengthen employees’ trust in the company and add value to the company’s sustainable brand. Practicing green culture can cultivate loyal employees through employee engagement tools and activities, reflecting on their personal lives. 

More employees are seeking companies with a well-established green culture in the workplace.

And implementing a green culture shows how a company values its employees’ well-being more than bringing profit to the business. Such green initiatives that drive engagement can inspire employees’ commitment to our environment. 

So, How Can You Create A Green Culture At Work?  

Starting a new culture at work won’t be easy. But it’s worth the try. To help you take the first step, we’ve prepared a simple guide on initiating green culture within your workplace.   

1. Assemble a Green Team  

Employees motivated to implement sustainability within the workplace are great candidates for a green team. Essentially, the green team looks into the business operations, observes opportunities for a more sustainable approach, and is an ambassador for educating other employees by constantly inspiring and motivating them to engage in sustainability activities.   

2. Align Employees with Company’s Sustainability Goals  

In making the most of employee engagement in your company’s green culture, ensure that they understand its sustainability goals and the intentions in accomplishing the set goals. The clearer the goals are, the more engaged employees will be in achieving them.  

3. Hold Team-Building Activities for Work  

Using various activities to get your employees engaged can be an exciting way to practice a green culture in the workplace or even from home. This could be from hosting a lunch and learning with a veggie potluck or doing a sustainability quiz to educate your employees further.  

Gamified learning experiences like those at Deedster at Work encourage different team-building activities you can use to engage your employees with. If you’re up to taking the challenge, convince your employees to sign up for the Deedster Challenge, where they can compete in doing as many deeds as possible as part of your company’s climate action and gain rewards.  

4. Support Local Businesses and Initiatives  

Supporting eco-conscious local initiatives from the community can also nurture green culture in the work environment within the workplace. To start, consider switching and sourcing office purchases to locally eco-friendly brands.  

Additionally, participating in local community activities can encourage employees who need help to transition to a green lifestyle. 

Such employees are more engaged in a sustainable lifestyle at work, and in their day-to-day well-being by seeing the positive contributions they bring to such initiatives.

5. Keep An Open Communication Channel   

Keep your employees in the loop of local, sustainable initiatives and the development of the company’s sustainable development goals. Seeing positive progress can motivate employees to boost themselves and consistently contribute towards its sustainable goals.   

6. Keeping Your Employees Engaged  

We understand that employee engagement is crucial in fostering teamwork and the success of a company’s business. With our employee engagement tool, Deedster at Work, you can keep your employees on their toes in constantly being engaged. Our data-driven insights and solutions delivered through a SaaS platform bring climate action into the day-to-today of your workplace.   

We believe that every good deed plays a part in contributing to the larger goal of climate action. With our employee engagement tool and the proposed ideas in our guide, we all can take part in flourishing green culture in the workplace.   

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