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Are your footprint larger than the stars?

Each year, Spotify has a Hack Week, a chance for their employees to indulge in a passion project. The theme for this year was “Let’s make the planet cooler.” Spotify is one of our Deedster at Work customers and one of the hack teams thought it would be interesting to do something together. The solution we presented was one of many cool opportunities during the week.

We wanted to take advantage of Spotify’s user base, currently around 5% of the world’s population. Using the Deedster philosophy, making climate actions fun and easy, we saw a clear user journey for getting people to do real changes, leading to exponential climate action.

We managed to get a great team together with people from Spotify and Deedster. On Monday morning, it was amazing how we became one big team no matter company or nationality. Everyone had an urge to do something for the climate that tied us together.


It is always interesting to let new people get more involved in our solutions and try them out more thoroughly. One of the developers at Spotify got an epiphany realizing that the 23 years he has as a vegetarian will just have saved CO2e equal to the flight he is planning to do later this year. Putting effort into perspective can be very powerful in behavioral change.

I left this week with a working prototype (available for Spotify employees globally) and a team at Spotify believing in this as something that can enhance their product in the future. I feel that both individuals and companies are becoming more aware of the situation and starting to take serious action.

And guess what? We won! The hack we did was chosen as the jury’s favorite in the climate category, so perhaps we can let you know more about the solution we did in the future.

/ Madeleine Kalin, Operation Manager at Deedster

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