Sustainability and customer loyalty

Why Does Sustainability Play A Role In Customer Loyalty?

Did you know that sustainability can bring loyal customers to your business? If done right, it honestly can! Adding sustainability to your already existing products and offers can go a long way toward earning customers’ trust and maintaining a long-lasting relationship with them. 

In the combat for climate action, more customers prioritize the good of our environment in their buying decisions. So adding sustainability as part of your business and brand strategy essentially offers the convenience and desire your customers need for their sustainable lifestyle.  

Plus, it promotes the value of your sustainable business strategy. A win-win! 

So How Can Brands Incorporate Sustainability To Build Customer Loyalty?

1. Offer More than Words and Show Your Climate Engagement 

In being more familiar with greenwashing within corporate sustainability, customers are still experiencing a hard shift to a sustainable lifestyle because most businesses have yet to come on board with the sustainable movement.  

So, stating your mission of working with a sustainable business strategy is not enough. You need actions! As a brand, you need to address your customers’ concerns and take the appropriate measures rather than addressing your business’s contribution to sustainability only “through words.” 

Customers want to feel assured with their purchases and are becoming more interested in seeing how companies take the initiative and incorporate sustainable steps from production to the end product.

Essentially, customers would like to see how businesses take responsibility for sustainability. This further helps them gain confidence in transparent companies that prove to be sustainable brands. 

2. Sustainability Values Bond Customer Values 

Doing small personal actions, such as recycling and shopping with a climate-conscious mindset, contributes to making a difference. However, doing these day-to-day deeds is not enough for many customers. 

The rise in customers committing to a sustainable lifestyle has skyrocketed the demand for brands to play their part. Offering excellent services and catering to customers’ issues concerning sustainability can genuinely be a driving force in bonding with customers and gaining their loyalty.  

3. A Sustainable Brand Supports A Sustainable Lifestyle 

Being a sustainable company means being able to fulfill the customer’s needs.

And to live up to sustainable branding, businesses must present how they can support and serve their customers’ sustainable lifestyles. 

Our most recent partnership with SEB Baltics shows how our banks can help engage their customers for climate action and assist everyone in switching to a sustainable lifestyle.  

With their My Footprint application, which went live on November 21, 2021, SEB Baltics took a stand from valuing their sustainable brand to becoming the trusted advisor in supporting the mass market, encouraging and engaging customers about the climate while nurturing their loyalty. Action takers! 

4. Sustainability Also Encourages Customer Referrals 

Today, there is a growing desire for sustainable products from the younger generations. We see more and more millennials and Gen Zs taking responsibility for their purchases throughout the globe, which is affected by their climate-conscious minds.  

Inputting the environment as a priority will attract, keep and even gain referrals from customers who are persistent in looking into new brands that can provide green products. And also from brands that highlight and practice sustainability as part of their values and incentives.  

The principle of sustainability that customers hold, particularly in their buying decisions, can influence them to advocate for your business’s sustainable branding. Undoubtedly, customer loyalty will lead to recommendations from one shopper to another and attract lifetime value.  

A Simple Summary on Sustainability for Customer Loyalty 

And so, how can you make your customers trust your sustainable brand? 

  • Firstly, listen and engage with what your customers are concerned about.  
  • Secondly, take a customer-based approach to your sustainable business strategy and implement your values inside and out.  
  • Lastly, be your own customers’ guide. 

Though this is a relatively simple outline, it can be a small change for a more significant commitment. Ultimately, one for the long run for your business and your customers. 

Committing to Sustainability for Long-Lasting Loyalty?

Absolutely doable! Why? Because consumers are becoming more intelligent due to the vast amount of information available that pushes them to develop a climate-conscious mindset and lean towards sustainable businesses. Need help with that? No problem! If you are still on the drawing table on how to shape your brand’s sustainable branding, act now!

Our SAAS solution, Deedster Retail, can help you engage customers in climate action and nurture long-lasting loyalty with them. We help support your sustainable business strategy and encourage customers to continue doing day-to-day deeds in a fun way! To learn more about Deedster Retail and how you can incorporate it into your existing products, contact us here

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