How Essity Teams Up With Deedster to Engage Its Employees

Essity, a leading hygiene company, recently teamed up with Deedster to engage its employees.

They took the Deedster Challenge to heart and accomplished an extraordinary competition with incredible engagement and joy.

Who knew climate action could be this much fun?!

So what’s the story here?

With our employee engagement solution, Deedster At Work, organizations like Essity can compete in teams to try out as many climate actions as possible during a 4-6 weeks period. 

And during this time, you work together to achieve a common goal and celebrate together at the finish line. 

We have set this up so that you get tailored content, including the current sustainability work of your company. 

However, if your company doesn’t have one yet, we run your team through our most popular pre-defined challenges.

Deedster challenge is a team-building activity for work that encourages its employees to make climate-smart choices while learning more about sustainability and climate change. 

May the best team win!

Deedster: Adding climate action to teams

At Deedster, we developed solutions packed with insights and actionable climate data to engage individuals in sustainability effectively.

Over 140 companies have employed our tuned proven employee engagement solution, spanning 25 countries, resulting in impressive user metrics. Deedster users have reported over 1 000 000 climate actions and counting…

Don’t just take us for our word. Download our app and test drive this fantastic and fun challenge with your colleagues or friends. 

And if you love it, reach out to us for a more personalized solution for your organization and its teams. 

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