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ESG and Employees: Why and how to merge them in your strategy

A case study on how Swiss Re uses Deedster at Work to drive its NetZeroYou2 strategy.

ESG and Employees. Connecting the dots between your EX strategy, business strategy, and ESG initiatives is critical to reinforcing the importance of employees’ experience and forging the essential bond between people and work.

Also, building a robust corporate ESG strategy can attract, motivate and keep the best staff, especially as the world of corporate responsibility is evolving in the wake of sustainability and hybrid workplace and cultures. 

Plus, a solid ESG strategy will promote investor confidence and business resiliency. 

However, without the essential elements of employee buy-in, a company’s ESG strategy will underperform. Meaning that integrating employees into your ESG initiatives is no longer a nice-to-have accessory for businesses. It is an urgent necessity.

But there is always this big question on the table.

How can organizations, especially multinationals with hundreds or thousands of employees, embark on this journey?

In other words, how can they actively engage their employees in sustainability, and why should they even care?

Listen to this podcast episode from a transformational and purpose-led People & Culture Executive, James Hartley. He is also a Global HR Leader at Swiss Re, a global finance provider.

And how he shares the nuts and bolts of their NetZeroYou2 program, a rallying point for climate activism, and uses an interactive app, Deedster at Work, that has ignited ongoing interest and creativity among their employees worldwide. And ultimately how he brings together ESG and employees at Swiss Re.

Driving Sustainability Through Employees

Major takeaways from this podcast about sustainability and employee engagement

  • Why Swiss Re’s corporate DNA incorporates its employees to fuel a commitment to sustainability and how he did it?
  • Why climate change and reaching a net-zero footprint is a central corporate value.
  • How Swiss Re’s CO2NetZero program is iterative — meaning it is co-created, fluid, and responsive to feedback from across the enterprise.
  • Why it’s essential to invite employees at every level of the organization to participate in the execution and the conception of an ESG program?
  • And how James fosters ongoing engagement by cultivating connections through an interactive app. Plus how over 4,000 employees have downloaded to track, learn about, and better understand how environmental healing starts with the individual daily efforts we can all make — if we know-how.
  • And it ultimately answers the question: My organization is too big. How can we engage everyone worldwide in sustainability and team building?

Curious? Dive in, and hopefully, it enlightens you on how to get started in your organization.

Would you like to have a sneak peek or test drive the tool mentioned in this podcast?

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