Music video for climate action!

"There’s a thin line between creation and destruction so the power of free will gives us the responsibility to decide our own fate." ALL MY FRIENDS ARE STARS

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Climate engagement
with music

Halting climate change and making the necessary changes can seem overwhelming. That's why we at Deedster joined forces with talented artists from All My Friends Are Stars! To use music and art create awareness and inspire to action. To make both the latest science and the means of action available to all.

Lyrics to Remedy - Climate Song


26 Oct.
Sneak peak is here!

Only one more day until the big day! Here you'll be able to see a sneak peak soon.

25 Oct.
Interview with the artists

In this interview Smilla and Americk from All My Friends Are Stars, talk about the process and how they took the project to their hearts. 

24 Oct.
A small taste of the song.

Talented Smilla performs with her acoustic version of the song. We are so happy that she and All My Friends Are Stars joined us in this call for action on the climate issue.

23 Oct.
Behind the scenes

Here you can see the artists in All My Friends Are Stars as they arrive on the set and get a glimpse from  the shoot. 

22 Oct.
Interview with Deedster

In this interview with Tove and Marlena from Deedster, they talk about the reasons behind making the song and the music video and what they hope to achieve with the release.

Special Thanks!

Nicholas Sosin - Music Producer

All My Friends Are Stars

Martin Thurfjell - Cinematographer


Daniel Hager  - Co-Director & Editor


Tropikal Tower Studio 2


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