Transaction-based climate data
ton CO₂e reduced by our users
climate & sustainable actions taken

Engage your customers

Climate action on your platform

More and more people care about sustainability, and a sustainable business has a competitive advantage. With Deedster, you can make sure your customers have the choice to make a true climate impact while branding your company.
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For your customers
Deedster Inside
Climate action on your own platform! We increase engagement and retention with your customers by providing gamified climate data through our tech solution.
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We accelerate everyday actions towards sustainable living.
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Deedster Inside

Engage your customers

We offer gamified modules that can be embedded in your own platform – web or mobile app. We offer a transaction-based climate footprint, quiz-based learnings and data-driven personalized inspiration rewarding your customers when engaging in true climate action.

Deedster Inside App

Raise Awareness

of your organization’s sustainability and climate initiatives.

Inspire and Take Lead

by becoming and staying relevant to your customers.

Boost Engagement

by involving customers in sustainability matters close to your business.

Service Modules

Lifestyle Climate Footprint
Based on your transactions and profile. Fully integrated with Gold Standard climate offset.
Data-driven guidance and actions
Personlized suggestions for climate-smart consumption and daily habits
Learnings and Insights
Content provided in a dynamic quiz engine
Green Incentives and Rewards
Gamification resources. Microsavings, cash-backs and offerings.

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