The #MakeABetterMark Challenge

At TENA, we have always been about protecting people. But it’s our responsibility to protect the planet too. That’s why we’re committed to cut our carbon footprint with 50% by 2030. But doing that is a long journey and we want you on board. After all, we’re all in this together and every single step helps.

Oh, and there are prizes to win too, for you and the planet.

TENA Sustainability Challenge

Together we can #MakeABetterMark on the planet.

The world needs more climate action. Whether that’s by concrete actions or by educating yourself and others, every step counts.

In this tailor-made challenge, the TENA family will get the opportunity to learn more about the actions we take to make a better mark, and what you can do yourself. We hope to give you a powerful and engaging experience to raise awareness in one of the most important matters of our time.

Our main sustainability goal at TENA is to reduce our carbon footprint with 50% by 2030. Our hope is that you will do the same. 


Which team can make the best mark on the planet? During 6 weeks, divided in 5 teams, we compete in doing good deeds for the planet. In the climate app Deedsteryou calculate your own carbon footprint, get quizzed on sustainability, and do deeds to reduce your carbon footprint. The app’s scoreboard will help you keep track of your progress and the competition.

Here you can find more information about Deedster and the Deedster app’s features.


From 23rd of April
Official Kick-off:
26th of April, 15:00 CET, via Teams
7th of June, at 17:00 CET

The Winners

Regardless of who wins among you fine TENA folks, the true winner will be our planet. However, we will also reward achievements throughout the challenge.

The #MakeaBetterMark Challenge Official Prize
There are two versions of this prize, awarded to:
1) The team that crosses the finish line, on the 9th of June, with the most deeds completed per person
2) The team that crosses the finish line, on the 9th of June, with the most carbon dioxide saved per person

We are also awarding a Halfway Prize to the team that completed the most deeds per person after 3 weeks, on the 17th of May, and a Sprint Prize to the team with the most deeds per person during week 5 (12 a.m. CET 24th of May – 12 p.m. CET 31st of May).

Winning teams will be awarded a donation in their name to the World Wildlife Foundation.

Finally, there’s a chance to win individual prizes. The Selfie Spot Video Prizes are awarded to the 3 most fun, engaging and unique videos uploaded to the MS Teams community during the challenge. By uploading a video of yourself preparing for or completing a deed you’re in the run for winning a week’s worth of organic food, a swag-bag full of organic products, or a one year subscription to Headspace mindfulness app.

How Do I Join?

To join the TENA #MakeABetterMark Challenge in Deedster, simply follow the steps below. There is no need for any additional sign-up.

Deedster Quiz

Get going

  1. Click on the join link (or any of the pink JOIN-buttons on this page). This will direct you to the #MakeABetterMark challenge on the Deedster app (which you can’t access by merely downloading the app). You may be prompted to enroll the device by entering your email address. You will then receive a code (several digits) to key in.
  2. Follow the steps to download the Deedster app. If you already have the app Downloaded, you will automatically be directed to the app instead.
  3. Calculate your carbon footprint (note that this will only be shown to you).
  4. Create an account and set your username. 
  5. Choose your team. If you don’t know which team you belong to, please find it attached in email send out.
  6. Go to the challenge view and get going. Until April 26 you can get a sneak peek of the quiz and deeds. On the 26th, we officially kick off the challenge by releasing new content on the ‘challenge view’.
  7. If you want to keep up to date with the latest stats during the competition, please turn on push notifications from the Deedster app.
  8. In the leaderboard view, you can keep track of your team’s progress and rank. In the profile view, you can see your own personal progress.
  9. Deed away!

Best of luck!

GDPR and Integrity

All your personal data will be handled in compliance with GDPR. Deedster will not show your personal carbon footprint to anyone but you.

Support, Questions & Feedback

If you have questions about Deedster or need technical support you can have a look at the Deedster FAQ or reach out to No support is too small and no question is too big.

Did you accidentally end up in the wrong team? Click on this link in your phone to get a list of direct links to of all teams in the #MakeABetterMarkChallenge. Click on the link and accept the switching of teams.