Does it matter what I do? What is my individual responsibility vs policy and corporate responsibility?

What science tells us is that we need to do everything that we can, all of us. Policy makers, companies, organizations and individuals. And as individuals we have powers both as consumers and as citizens. There are small things you can do, and there are bigger changes, low impact and big impact actions. There are also long term action and short term action, some equals a direct carbon emission reduction others come with an indirect saving. We give you concrete of all of these in Deedster – chose your own level right now. It really matters what we do, each one of us. We need all our ideas, energy and effort to solve this. Start where you can and where it’s easy for you. Make your changes and actions easy and fun – then you’re more likely to hold on to them. We know we can make a good life for many, and there are good chances it will be even better than today!