The Climate Challenge

Spring 2024

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The Deedster App

Team up with your coworkers on the journey towards sustainable living! Compete to see which team can accomplish the most sustainable deeds before reaching the finish line. Accessing the deeds involves navigating from station to station, answering quiz questions. Exciting new stations will be unveiled every week.

Winning isn't just about bragging rights, there might be some sweet perks waiting for the top team and high-scoring players at the finish line!

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You'll use your unique QR code to join the challenge. 

Download & Play

These simple steps will get you on board in no time:

Step 1 - Download app


Keep an eye on your emal inbox for the activation email

Set 2 - Invitation code


Download the Deedster app
for iPhone or Android and join the challenge 
with your invitation code



Register with your work email address 
and get a link to sign in instantly!

Ste 4 - Challenge


Go to the Challenges tab and
do quizzes to unlock Deeds to complete

A glimpse of the Deedster app

Discover how the Deedster app works and how you'll team up with colleagues to do good deeds for the planet.

In the Deedster app you will...

Deedster footprint
Calculate your footprint

Start by calculating your carbon footprint by answering questions about your lifestyle, and compare it to the sustainable level and national averages.

Deedster quiz
Quiz to unlock Deeds

Join a challenge and quiz your way from one station to the next. Unlock and collect climate-friendly Deeds as you progress in the journey.

Deedster Deed
Score points with Deeds

Complete Deeds and mark them as done in the app to score points. Some Deeds can be done several times to build new habits. This way you'll score a lot of points to get ahead in the competition!

Deedster leaderboard
Follow the competition

See how you're doing among your teammates and how your team is doing in the challenge on the leaderboard.

Enabling the shift

The Deedster app revolutionizes the way companies and employees work together to tackle climate change. Be part of an exciting challenge and encourage your team to take responsible actions with a playful twist.

Deeds wallDeeds wall


If you have questions about Deedster or need technical support you can have a look at the Deedster FAQ or reach out to 
No support is too small and no question is too big.

Did you accidentally end up in the wrong team? Contact the support and we will help you find the right one.


GDPR and Integrity

All your personal data will be handled in compliance with GDPR. Deedster will not show your personal carbon footprint to anyone but you.