Climate Action and Carbon Footprint

Reduce your carbon footprint

Making all the necessary personal changes our planet needs is no picnic. So, we aim to make it as inspiring and straightforward as possible. An excellent place to start is understanding your personal impact by calculating your carbon footprint. Gain awareness by using our carbon footprint calculator to see how your lifestyle and transactions affect carbon dioxide emissions.

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Explore your climate impact

Many of our actions and lifestyle choices generate carbon emissions, meaning many possibilities to reduce our carbon footprint. Calculating a carbon footprint differs from calculating an ecological footprint by only focusing on emissions of greenhouse gasses.

Using our Lifestyle Climate Footprint and Carbon Tracker, you get a carbon (CO₂) footprint based on the information about your consumption, lifestyle, and habits.

And to make our Carbon Footprint Calculator more interactive and actionable, we make it easier for you to see what causes the highest carbon dioxide emissions and what happens when you alter your lifestyle— enabling you to know the carbon reduction of your actions immediately.

You’ll quickly find the little things to change that make the bigger difference with our assets. Start small, and, who knows, it may become a habit! And remember, once is better than never.

Deedster Carbon Footprint Calculator

Deedster Carbon Footprint Calculator consists of our Lifestyle Calculator and our Carbon Tracker. It uses national data and more than 90 data sources and methodologies to provide a granular and relevant carbon footprint.

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So, do you want to calculate your own Lifestyle footprint?

If you want to understand how your lifestyle affects the planet and how that compares to the global average, then test-drive our lifestyle climate footprint calculator by answering a few questions and get the answer. Ready, set, go!

Climate action on your platform

Carbon Tracker as a SaaS-solution

With our SaaS solution, Deedster Retail, your customers can connect their payment transactions and automatically calculate their transaction footprint based on the latest climate change data.

Instead of only looking at historical data, our carbon tracker  projects the climate impact based on how you consume today and tomorrow. Because how you choose to act matters.

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Deedster Quiz

With this Climate Change Crash Course, we hope to spread some basic facts about climate change. And some trickier ones. Do you, for example, know how much the Earth's average global temperature has risen in the last 140 years? Take a sneak peek of one of our many quizzes.

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Climate knowledge and group engagement

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