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Lead the change, or change will lead you

The financial sector is instrumental in greening the economy and combat climate change. It is also well-positioned to lead the change together with the millions of citizens who now stand ready to contribute.  
We help banks, neo-banks and financial institutions create exponential climate action by embedding climate data and tools on their digital platforms. We create a user experience where sustainability is visible and personalized in every step. Our nudging tools are specifically developed to spark user engagement and encourage behavioral changes. It's a win for all.  

Deedster Retail: Customer Engagement and Retention

Embedded climate action in financial services

Our Software-as-a-Solution, Deedster Retail adds climate to the Personal Finance Management (PFM) and help customers progress toward sustainability and a greener lifestyle while at the same time engaging them with your existing infrastructure and products.

Banks and institutions become enablers in redirecting consumption to more sustainable patterns, by embedding data with outstanding accuracy and gamified climate action into financial services.

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Enhance digitalization

Add lifestyle services and an enhanced digital bank experience

Engage customers and attract the future
Take sustainability seriously and create a meaningful relationship to your customers

Promote green financial products

Open new revenue streams and redirect money to where it matters

True societal impact

Empower your customers to measure, explain and reduce their climate impact

Product overview: Deedster Retail

Gamification in banking to drive impact

Deedster Retail offers world-leading data accuracy with national data, machine learning and smart functions. Our data security is on par with banks' high standards and our flexible integration can get your preferred solution into your market in merely three months.

At Deedster we work with engagement every day and we know that recognizability, accuracy and relevance are key to raising awareness and spark curiosity. However, we also need actionable insights, gamification and nudging to go beyond the data and activate users in changing behavior.


Carbon Footprint Calculator

Based on user lifestyle data and payment transactions, your customers can see the carbon impact on each purchase, calculate a carbon budget and trace carbon spending as effortlessly as they track financial spendings.

+ Outstanding data accuracy
+ National data for local relevance
+ More to come: Water and chemical usage


Learnings and insights

By analyzing 6 – 12 months transaction history rolling, Deedster Retail provides data driven guidance, explaining the climate impact of the consumer's lifestyle. Our engaging quizzes will also provide your customers with the latest sustainability and climate research.

+ A fun way to raise climate awareness
+ Integrate sustainability in your offerings


Data-driven Guidance and Actions

Offer your customers personalized suggestions on reducing their carbon footprint and introduce greener habits in their daily life based on their consumption profile and transaction data.

+ Hundreds of personalized deeds
+ Empower your customers to set greener habits and keep track of their progress


Green Incentives and Rewards

Innovate your digital customer experience with our gamification resources, micro-saving features, cash-back triggers and green offerings.

+ Gamification and nudging to activate users
+ Create lasting societal impact

Calculation Methodology: Carbon Footprint Calculator

Good deeds shouldn't be complicated

Doing good deeds for the planet should be easy and fun. That is why we at Deedster take care of the complicated. We are using more than 90 data sources in our calculation methodology, all baked together and presented as a real-time carbon footprint for the end-user.

Based on the consumption profile our climate action and engagement engine presents the user with personalized recommendations on sustainable deeds and habits they can introduce in their life to reduce their climate impact.

Emission Calculation Deedster Retail Engine

Success Story

Deedster Retail
with SEB in the Baltics

SEB in the Baltics launched SEB | My Footprint - a white label app with Deedster. This is an excellent example of how a bank can be at the forefront and take its sustainability strategy to the next level, reaching millions of people and raising climate awareness. At the same time, inspiring climate actions across three markets. Watch the tv-commercial introducing the app.

"It's been a pleasure to work with Deedster. The level of professionalism, the speed, and how this project has progressed have been phenomenal. We started with an idea, and within 10 months we launched our app in three markets. To navigate all different aspects of this project in a cross-geography collaboration within this timeframe has been amazing teamwork.".

Ragnar Toomla, Chief Product Owner Digital Channels, SEB Baltics.

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Benefits with our solution

Data Accuracy
We use market-leading calculation methodologies to provide high data accuracy. Our carbon tracker uses national data, smart functions and more than 90 data sources to calculate an accurate carbon footprint.

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Flexible integration
Integrate Deedster Retail as Rest Api, SDK/Webviews or a Stand alone app, according to your preferences. Our solution also gives room for your own design, branding and content.

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Short-time to market
Circumvent your large backlog with Deedster Retail and hit the ground running. With the benefits of open banking, we can have your solution in the market in 3 months. See our case study on how we implemented it.

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Data Security and GDPR
Security is at the top of our priorities. Our solutions are meeting the banks' needs and requirements around data security and GDPR. 

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Several options to integrate our SaaS

Embrace our solution

There are several ways to integrate our technology into our customers' digital interface.

1. Rest API
- Integrate in existing web/app
- Add your own design
- Standardized interface

2. SDK/Web Views
Low effort, easy integration
- Offer proven CX and design
- Tailor to brand and context

3. Stand alone app
White Label
- Co-branded
- Third party

4. Through our partners' PFM
- Fully integrated solution
- On-premise deploy
- Categorization alignment

Success Story

and Deedster

Claudia Dietschi - Contovista

Contovista is the market-leading PFM provider in Switzerland. Aiming to make sustainability a core capability in their next generation solutions for the financial markets, they partnered with Deedster.

"We were looking for the best player to help us enrich transactions with the carbon footprint for the Swiss market and found Deedster. We love that Deedster is not only raising awareness of CO2 emissions with the best (and local) data available but nudging users towards climate action. In less than a year, we launched a joint product and have a compelling roadmap for the future!".

Claudia Dietschi, Head of Sales & Customer Success, Contovista

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Sustainability for banks and corporates

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We are proud partners of:

Data is key at Deedster and all our assets rely on thorough national and international scientific sources and reports. We collaborate with global data partners, such as Sustainalytics and WWF.



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