Adding climate action to financial services

Financial institutions are centered at the core of consumption in our society. A unique position with a matchless opportunity for real societal responsibility by guiding consumers to reduce their climate impact.

The younger generations have high expectations on their financial providers to drive the transition towards a green economy and sustainable finance sector. They know time is of the essence and how we choose to act now will be our legacy.

Customer retention

Engage your

In your hands our SaaS solution, Deedster Retail, will be a powerful tool for customer engagement, societal impact and retention marketing. Promote your sustainability performance, green financing and reward your customers when they engage in true climate action.

This gamified solution is made to be integrated to your own platform. Give your customers access to market leading climate data, carbon footprint calculator, inspiring quiz-learnings, suggested climate actions and assets for carbon offset and green investments - via your own mobile app or website.

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Raise Awareness

of your organisations
sustainability and climate

Inspire and Take Lead

by becoming and staying
relevant to your customers.

Boost Engagement

by involving customers in
sustainability matters close
to your business.

Success Story

Deedster Retail
with Qliro

Qliro teamed up with Deedster to implement their sustainability strategy and take ecommerce to a new level. The collaboration makes it easier for 2.5 million consumers to shop more sustainably online and inspire more planet-friendly actions in everyday life.

Here Carolina Brandtman, CEO of Qliro, tells us more about how they became part of the solution.

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Our SaaS solution ↓

Lifestyle Climate Footprint

Based on lifestyle and payment transactions, your customers can see the carbon impact for each purchase, calculate a carbon budget and trace carbon spending as effortlessly as they track financial spendings.

Data-driven Guidance and Actions

Offer your customers personalized suggestions on how to reduce their carbon footprint and introduce greener habits in their daily life, based on their consumption profile.

Learnings and Insights

Provide your customers with the latest sustainability and climate research through our engaging quizzes. A fun way to create climate awareness!

Green Incentives and Rewards

Innovate your customer experience with our gamification resources, microsaving features, cash-back triggers and green offerings.

Sustainability for banks and corporates

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Increased customer engagement
Display engaging infographics and personalized insights to inspire a changed consumer behaviour

Enriched customer insight
Learn more about your engaged customers creating more loyal ambassadors

Expanded Sustainability Offering
Use our climate data and insights stand alone or integrate with your existing services.

Sustainability brand awareness
Make some noise on your ongoing sustainability efforts.

Deedster´s SaaS platform

We love science and technology!

Data is key at Deedster and all our assets rely on thorough national and international scientific sources and reports. We also collaborate with global data partners, such as Sustainalytics and WWF.

Our Service Modules are integrated to your platform using our cloud-based, easy-access API:s. Through gamified, personalized technology such as climate footprints, quiz-learnings and suggested actions, your customers get access to the latest science in a very digestible format.




Leading the change

A message
from our CEO

”A planet on the brink deserves our greatest efforts. When we come together as individuals, decision makers, businesses and financial institutions, actions seeming very small actually matter a lot.

Change doesn’t happen overnight but wherever you’re at, Deedster is about enabling you to go further.”

Niclas Persson, CEO Deedster

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