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We are devoted to clearing the path to a sustainable future by developing tools and technical solutions that empower people to go in with their eyes open and start changing the world.

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Transforming our society and halting climate change can seem overwhelming. How do we embrace this challenge we face? We start with ourselves.  

Regardless of your position, background, if you’re a decision maker, a business, financial institution or an individual, we have the technical solutions for you to begin your journey today. Every step of the way, we’ll be providing guidance and celebrating your progress.

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    Claudia Dietschi - Contovista - Deedster Retail

    Contovista is the market leading PFM provider in Switzerland. Aiming to make sustainability a core capability in their next generation solutions for the financial markets, they partnered with Deedster.

    "We were looking for the best player to help us enrich transactions with the carbon footprint for the Swiss market and found Deedster. We love that Deedster is not only raising awareness of CO2 emissions with the best (and local) data available but nudging users towards climate action. In less than a year, we launched a joint product and have a compelling roadmap for the future!"

    Claudia Dietschi, Head of Sales & Customer Success, Contovista

      Anna - Essity Deedster at Work

      Essity wanted a fun and engaging way of conveying its sustainability strategy to its employees.

      "Working with Deedster has been easy and very beneficial. We at TENA are very passionate about sustainability and protecting the planet and finding sustainable ways to do that, step by step. The Deedster Challenge gave our internal colleagues an opportunity to go into the topic and understand both our strategy and how you easily can do changes without sacrifices your whole life but really find sustainable habits that feel good to do every day"

      “Working with Deedster has been easy and very beneficial.”

      —Anna, Global Communication, Essity

        Carolina - Qliro Deedster Retail

        Qliro has teamed up with Deedster to engage their customers in climate action. With Livsstilsprofilen, Qliro´s customers can connect their payment transactions and get their lifestyle footprint automatically calculated based on the latest climate data - inside Qliro´s app.

        "Deedster, a data driven tech company like us, is the perfect partner. We all know we must adapt our behaviour and we believe in Deedster´s approach - meaning informing and inspiring people to take action. If we can raise the awareness amongst our consumers together with Deedster and make them consume in a more conscious way - we’re taking a step in the right direction."

        "Many consumers want to act sustainably and we have realised that they want guidance"

        - Carolina, CEO Qliro

          Anna - Astra Zeneca Deedster at Work

          AstraZeneca has committed to achieve zero carbon emissions in its operations by 2025 and to be carbon negative across its entire value chain by 2030. To help raise climate awareness among employees, AstraZeneca partnered with Deedster.

          "We chose to work with Deedster because their tool provides information and guidance on climate action, both at a personal and work-related level. It raises awareness in a fun and engaging way, and encourages the adoption of new, sustainable habits. The feedback from participants was very positive, and we hope that it will lead to long-term changes in mindset and action.” Anna Ramne, Global Study Manager, Astra Zeneca

          "The feedback from participants was very positive, and we hope that it will lead to long-term changes in mindset and action.”

          - Anna, Global Study Manager, Astra Zeneca

            Philip Thörn - If Insurance - Deedster at Work

            The work with Deedster is part of reaching If’s ambition to be the most trusted insurance company and actively contribute to a more sustainable society. The goal for the challenge with Deedster was to let the employees learn more about If’s own sustainability work, and the climate and inspire them to new habits that can reduce their carbon footprint.

            “We looked at different opportunities to involve our employees in our sustainability work in a fun and inspiring way. Deedster's solution suited us like a glove - a nice combination of value and pleasure. The employees' general knowledge of sustainability and awareness of If's own work with sustainability has increased significantly. It is very fun to see that many employees will continue their sustainability journeys even after the challenge has been completed. A very nice and professional collaboration. Deedster has really delivered.”

            Deedster's solution suited us like a glove - a nice combination of value and pleasure.

            —Philip Thörn, Head of Sustainability at If Insurance

            Accelerating the shift to a sustainable world

            Exponential climate action

            Small actions done by many can change the world. But for that to be true we have to reach and engage people on a large scale.

            We exist to promote climate engagement, sustainable living and to help progressive businesses and responsible financial institutions implement their sustainability strategy in an inspiring way - reaching millions of consumers.

            Find out how you can improve customer engagement and retention with our SaaS solution Deedster Retail or how to promote employee engagement with our award winning app, in Deedster Challenge. Becoming a corporate sustainability brand and a more sustainable company or institution!

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