Deedster at Work: Accelerate your net-zero transition

Bring climate action to work

Upskill and engage your employees in your net zero strategy to future-proof your business.

Engage and educate your employees in climate and sustainability matters.

A program for net-zero transformation

Are you ready to embark on your company's transformative journey towards net zero? Whether you're at the initial stages of your sustainability trajectory or seeking to infuse sustainability into your organizational culture, Deedster at Work will take you from planning to action.


Our gamified educational program offers a range of inspiring team challenges covering impactful topics related to sustainability and climate action. These are rolled out on the Deedster app at given intervals alongside your organization’s ongoing sustainability work. Using entertaining quizzes, badges, point systems and other incentives, our platform enables your people to act for the planet and rewards all efforts that drive sustainable progress.

#1: Measure

Carbon footprint

Want to know more about your employees' climate impact? Then our easy-to-use carbon footprint calculator is the answer! Your employees will gain awareness of their own carbon footprint, while providing Scope 3 commuting data for your company.

#2: Explain

Knowledge and insights

Educating your workforce on climate-related issues and communicating your own sustainability initiatives can be difficult, that's why we've come up with some fun quizzes! Pick themes from our content library and tailor them to fit your sustainability strategy and goals.

Data-driven deeds
#3: Reduce

Data-driven climate action

Raising awareness is one thing, but how many workplaces can claim to help their employees reduce their climate impact? We provide tailored climate actions (that we call Deeds) to help your employees reduce their climate impact and develop new habits, both at work and at home.

Leaderboard and rewards
#4: Boost

Green incentives and rewards

Carrot or stick? We say carrot all the way! Reward your employees as they take action for the climate by collecting points and badges, and boost engagement through some friendly competition where the teams that do the most good deeds for the climate win great prizes.

Tailored to your needs

Recognizing that each organization is unique, we provide a personalized approach to our sustainability program.

Whether you seek a swift launch utilizing our pre-designed challenges, or aim for extensive customization to align with your net zero strategy, we have the ideal solution for you.

Our adaptable service is designed to accommodate teams and organizations of all sizes and locations. With Deedster at Work, you can be assured of a tailored solution that meets your specific needs and requirements, enabling you to accomplish your sustainability objectives in a manner that suits you.



Our packages

Deedster at Work

Overview of services included

Deedster package
3-year Program Example

Two team challenges per year, with one reward week focusing on individual climate actions in between.

Deedster package

Benefits with our solution

Engagement and strategy buy-in

Amplify your message through our app! Seamlessly communicate your sustainability strategy, captivating and delighting your team with an engaging and enjoyable experience. This dynamic interaction fosters strong employee buy-in, propelling your net-zero journey forward.

Education and insights

Align your workforce's efforts with your sustainability goals and inspire innovation with our customized program. Embark on a transformative journey, unlocking invaluable insights and empowering your team with knowledge across diverse sustainability topics.

Attract and retain talent

Show your dedication to sustainability and build a purpose-driven culture that attracts top talent. With Deedster, your workforce is empowered not only to positively impact their work, but also their lives and the world around them.

Get the data you need

By bringing your employees onto the Deedster app, you gain access to important and valuable data points. This data helps with sustainability reports and mapping, including Scope 3 commuting and remote work statistics. Throughout the program, we provide detailed data reports in Power BI that highlight the progress made by your workforce. Rest assured, all data is securely stored, anonymized, and aggregated for confidentiality and privacy.

Team up for a sustainable future with Deedster at Work

A glimpse of the app ↓

Deedster's user-friendly tools enable you to customize the program to meet your current and future needs. Below is a breakdown of our four-step implementation process:

#1 Preparations and setup

Based on where you're at today, we guide you in setting up the program's structure and narrative. We'll work with you to outline the content, establish the team structure, and decide on release dates.

#2 Kick-off

Our team of sustainability experts is available to provide an inspiring talk on climate change, motivating and energizing your team. We'll also demo the app and make sure everyone is on board.

#3 On the Way

Throughout the program, you can award winners, connect rewards to benefits, and expand your impact by bringing more people and stakeholders on board.

#4 Data and reports

Track your progress with our powerful data reports, including Scope 3 commute data, and see the exciting progress you're making towards a more sustainable future.

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Changing the world deed by deed

A proven platform with traction

Deedster at Work is a comprehensive educational program designed to reinforce sustainability strategies through large-scale employee engagement. We have worked with more than 100 companies worldwide and currently offer Deedster at Work in 19 languages across 50 markets.

By leveraging comprehensive and localized data, we provide climate impact calculations that take into account country-specific variations instead of relying exclusively on global averages. This makes Deedster at Work an ideal solution for multinational organizations.


corporates in over 50 countries

5 000

tonnes CO₂e reduced by our community

3 000 000

climate actions done for the planet


Success story

Essity & Deedster

The amazing employees at Essity took Deedster at Work to heart and accomplished an extraordinary competition with incredible engagement and joy. Who knew climate action could be this much fun!

"Working with Deedster has been easy and very beneficial. We at TENA are very passionate about sustainability and protecting the planet and finding sustainable ways to do that, step by step. The Deedster Challenge gave our internal colleagues an opportunity to go into the topic and understand both our strategy and how you easily can do changes without sacrifices your whole life but really find sustainable habits that feel good to do every day".

Anna Smitterberg, Global Communication, Essity

Sustainability for corporates

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