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The shift to a sustainable future is all about people. It is simply not possible to make the changes needed without engaging the masses. At the end of the day, it’s on us to steer the world onto a sustainable path. The planet calls for teamwork, so why not start with your team?

Employee engagement is pivotal for any organization’s or business’ success. Engaging in climate action at work has the additional upside of contributing to a greater cause.

Making change
fun and engaging

Deedster at Work — Boost Company Culture

Engage your employees in sustainability

Deedster at Work is our solution for employee engagement and teambuilding activities for work. It is a gamified learning experience that ultimately seeks to empower people to make real change.

Realizing that every organization is different, Deedster at Work can be tailored to your needs. Ranging from thrilling company challenges that raise awareness in a blink of an eye with Deedster Challenge, to long-term engagement programs that span over years with Deedster Sustainability Program.

Deedster at Work is an adaptable service that fits any team or organization, no matter the size or location.

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Featuring the Deedster app

With our employee engagement tools featured in our award-winning app, we have engaged thousands of employees across the world. We'll educate your entire organization with the use of the latest science, and will inspire you and your team to take real climate action. Who said change can not be a lot of fun?

Lifestyle climate footprint

Answer questions about your lifestyle and we'll calculate your carbon footprint for you. Or connect to your bank and we'll calculate it based on your actual consumption. 


Learnings and insights

What you didn't know about climate and sustainability, you'll find in the Deedster quiz. We tailor quizzes with business-specific insights based on the latest climate research, educating your whole organization. 

Data-driven guidance and action
Try out new stuff and join the fun: shop vintage or go for tap beer. We personalize your journey and show which changes and greener habits that lead to most climate impact in your life.

Green incentives and rewards

Game on! We make it fun with gamification and rewards. Create teams
and compete in doing as
many deeds for the climate as possible.

Success Story

Deedster at Work with Essity

The amazing employees at Essity took the Deedster Challenge to heart and accomplished an extraordinary competition with incredible engagement and joy. Who knew climate action could be this much fun!
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Deedster Challenge — Build stronger teams

How it works

With our employee engagement tools, you can compete in teams to try out as many climate actions as you can during a 4-6 weeks period. Or you work together to achieve a common goal and celebrate together at the finish line. Tailor the content to include the current sustainability work of your company or run through our most popular predefined challenges.

Deedster challenge is a teambuilding activity for work that engages and encourages your employees in making climate smart choices while learning more about sustainability and climate change. May the best team win!


We guide you in setting up teams and structure within your organization. You decide the start date and duration of the challenge.


The Deedster team swings by to introduce Deedster Challenge. Our sustainability experts give an inspiring talk on climate change, sparking motivation and enthusiasm.

On The Way

Track your own, your team’s and the entire organization’s progress in saving CO₂e and number of deeds in the scoreboard view. In addition you’ll get weekly reports.

Finishing Line and Beyond

The winning team is awarded and statistics are shared. Acting against climate change doesn’t stop here. We give you access to the Deedster app for a full year, helping to establish a new norm in your organization.

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