Explaining: Why Banks have a unique opportunity to engage in sustainability

Why should banks engage in sustainability and how can they contribute to a better world? Listen to Daniel sharing his view on the importance of banks being involved in the transition to a more sustainable future.

Transcript: Why Banks have a unique opportunity to engage in sustainability

Banks are the very enabler of consumption, but also in the middle of all the investments. Since they are the enabler of all consumption and really the enabler of investments, they can play a role in supporting both consumers and corporates in their decisions.

Banks have the trust; they have the platforms; they have the reach to reach people where they are, where they consume when they want to invest. So they really have an important role to play. But with that possibility, it’s also a responsibility to really act and support consumers and businesses to make the right choices.

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About Daniel:

Daniel Dellham is the Sustainability Expert and CTO of Deedster. Daniel has devoted his professional career to the field of sustainability and technology. In 2010, he transformed his management consulting firm into specializing in sustainability advisory for larger corporations. He later sold his consultancy firm to KPMG, where he was Head of Sustainability Consulting and was involved in creating the Ålands Index. In 2016, he co-founded Deedster.

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