Explaining: Net Zero Emissions

What are Net Zero Emissions and Net Zero Programs? Listen to Daniel Dellham explain what it is and why it does not mean carbon offsetting.

Transcript: Explaining Net Zero Emissions

Net series targets for companies to reach net-zero emissions from their business and entire value chain. It is not about buying offsets today and displaying that as net-zero. It is a true net-zero goal. Corporates and banks are under pressure to really reduce their carbon emissions.

And they can do this in a number of ways. They start with their own business, their own operations. The other companies have done that already, but then they go on their own entire value chain to do that. So they need to reduce emissions.

Now they need to set targets for 2030 and 2050. So short, mid, and long-term targets where they will reach a 90 – 95% reduction of their carbon emissions. These targets need to be science-based, and they need to be reached before they can say that they are net-zero, and then they can buy, or they can invest in carbon offsets or other climate investments, but they need to reduce their own business and their whole value chain first.

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About Daniel:

Daniel Dellham is the CTO and Sustainability Expert of Deedster. Daniel has devoted his professional career to the field of sustainability and technology. In 2010, he transformed his management consulting firm into specializing in sustainability advisory for larger corporations. He later sold his consultancy firm to KPMG, where he was Head of Sustainability Consulting and was involved in creating the Ålands Index. In 2016, he co-founded Deedster.

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