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Explaining: Reducing your Carbon Footprint

What can you, as an individual or corporate, do to reduce your Carbon Footprint? Listen to Daniel Dellham when he shares his view of the matter.

Transcript: Reducing your Carbon Footprint

Carbon footprint is often reduced to an individual. It could be a company, but an individual’s sort of climate impact normally during a year.

You can reduce it in many different ways, and it depends on your lifestyle and what you do in your daily life. But it is everything from how you commute, what you eat, what kind of things you buy, what kind of energy you use.

So it is your whole lifestyle. And if you look at that and if you analyze your footprint, you will see there are a lot of areas where you can make a lot of changes. And a lot of those changes are going to be fun to do and are not going to be less of an experience than you have today. But you need to look at it, and you need to analyze it.

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About Daniel:

Daniel Dellham is the CTO and Sustainability Expert of Deedster. Daniel has devoted his professional career to the field of sustainability and technology. In 2010, he transformed his management consulting firm into specializing in sustainability advisory for larger corporations. He later sold his consultancy firm to KPMG, where he was Head of Sustainability Consulting and was involved in creating the Ålands Index. In 2016, he co-founded Deedster.

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