How Qliro Uses Deedster to Implement their Sustainability Strategy

Qliro uses Deedster? See why this leading Fintech company in the Nordic region that has been listed on Nasdaq Stockholm since October 2020 teamed up with Deedster to implement its sustainability strategy and take eCommerce to a new level.

This collaboration makes it easier for 2.5 million consumers to shop more sustainably online and inspire more planet-friendly actions in their everyday lives.

Listen to Carolina Brandtman, CEO of Qliro, as she tells us more about how they became part of the solution.

Qliro uses Deedster to Engage its Customers for Climate Action

Deedster: Adding climate action to financial services

Here at Deedster, we assist finance actors in taking part in climate engagement. With enriching climate data, we engage customers across the globe to contribute towards climate action.

Our services provide advanced technology that is easy to tailor-make to your consumer needs, delivering reliable results with fast implementation. Our tools can speed up your consumers’ journey in sustainability.

Would you like to give back to your market and engage consumers for a sustainable future? Book a demo with us.

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