For Sustainable Banks

Add climate to financial services

Financial institutions and retail banks provide the society back bone for consumption. That’s why they will play an important role in guiding consumers to reduce their climate impact.

The younger generations are well-educated and highly conscious of their choice of brands. As a result, they have high expectations on their bank to guide and lead them in sustainable finance and sustainable consumption.

Together we create a more green economy.

Deedster Inside Sustainalytics

Deedster Inside, Our SaaS Solution

Engage your customers

We bring your customers the latest climate science through our personalized technology, actionable insights and engaging gamification.

In Deedster they follow their carbon impact for each purchase, calculate their carbon budget and track carbon spending as effortlessly as they track financial spendings.


Increased customer engagement
Display engaging infographics and personalized insights to inspire a changed consumer behaviour.
Enriched customer insights
Learn more about your engaged customers creating more loyal ambassadors
Expanded Sustainability Offering
Use our climate data and insights stand alone or integrate with your existing services.
Sustainability brand awareness
Make some noise on your ongoing sustainability efforts.
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EQT - Deedster
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We put Climate in Action.

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