Where can I get help using the app? 

We constantly work to make our app and service better, so we really appreciate your feedback. It can be anything from things that don’t work, don’t work very well, work really well, or just happy shouts and fun ideas. We really do like to talk about Deedster… The easiest way …

What type of data will other users see about me? 

Users in your team can see how many deeds you’ve done and the CO2e-saving and/or Impact Points connected to those deeds. We will not reveal your footprint to anyone in the app or to a third party.  

Can I be anonymous in the Deedster app?  

In the Deedster Public app, you just need a name; there is no need to create an account with your email. When using Deedster with a company license, you generally need to register an email address with us to enter a challenge that’s unique to your company.

How do I win? 

Probably the most important question of this FAQ, right? There are several ways in which you can score points to win in the Deedster app:  Deeds  The most common way to compete in Deedster is based on your team’s average number of deeds. The way to win doesn’t get easier …

How do I join? 

Whether you’re onboarding through a company-specific landing page or through an email send out, these five simple steps to start using Deedster are the same:  Scan the QR-code (that’s unique to your challenge) with the camera on your phone or press the link to the challenge on your phone.  Follow …