How do I win? 

Probably the most important question of this FAQ, right? There are several ways in which you can score points to win in the Deedster app: 

  1. Deeds 

The most common way to compete in Deedster is based on your team’s average number of deeds. The way to win doesn’t get easier than this, just get on out there and do the deeds. And here’s a hot tip for you: some deeds can be saved as habits, meaning you can do them every day!  

  1. CO2e saved 

An alternative way to win a challenge is by being the team that saves the most CO2e. Here you’ve got to keep an eye out for those big-impact deeds (hint: Green is Clean, and No Fossil for Old Fossils are a must if you’re looking to win in the “most CO2e saved” category). 

  1. Impact points 

The latest addition to the Deedster family of ways to win, probably the most confusing, is impact points. We know that there are other ways to make the planet a better place to live than saving CO2e, so we’re introducing impact points as the next step to a Deedster Challenge.

It’s a point system entirely of our own invention, where we’ve created a scheme that grants deeds points according to how large an impact it has on other aspects of sustainability, such as biodiversity and water, as well as the influence it can have on other people. And, of course, the CO2e saving boosts the impact points of a deed as well.