How does it work? 

In the Deedster app, we’ll take you on a sustainability journey across three levels: Awareness, Knowledge, and Action. 

  1. Awareness—The Footprint Calculator 

First, you’ll get to answer questions about your consumption. Based on your replies, we’ll present you with a calculation of your carbon footprint. By increasing our awareness of the kind of impact we have on the environment, we can take the first steps towards improving it! 

  1. Knowledge—The Quiz  

Second, you head to the challenge view and get to the ‘gamification’ part of Deedster. Each challenge consists of several stations, and your job is to go island-hopping from one station to the next. At each stop along the way, you’ll get to answer several climate- and sustainability-related multiple-choice questions. Knowledge is power, after all. 

  1. Action—The Deeds 

You’ve got the awareness, you’ve got the knowledge, now all that’s left is the most important part: It’s time to take action! And once you’ve answered the quiz questions in a station, you’ll get to do just that. Based on your user profile, we’ll suggest a selection of deeds for you to do, and all you’ve got to do is save them, go to the deeds view, and get deedin’! We almost dare to promise that you will find a deed that is both fun and saves CO2e!