Press Release: Tracking sustainability with the banking app. radicant launches CO2 tracker for payments

Zurich, 22 June – radicant bank ag (radicant) is the first digital sustainability bank in Switzerland that is strategically aligned with the 17 UN sustainability goals. radicant now offers its clients the option of tracking the carbon footprint of their payments via an app and thus gaining important insights into a more sustainable lifestyle. radicant cooperates with fintech Contovista AG and Deedster, a specialist for data-driven solutions for CO2 reduction.

The personal CO2 footprint, i.e. the amount of greenhouse gases each person produces through their behaviour and consumption, has become an important parameter when it comes to making your own lifestyle more sustainable. Clients of Swiss sustainability bank radicant now have it easier: their banking app now shows the CO2 footprint of their transactions, from online shopping to visiting a petrol station and overnight stays at a hotel. An overview summarizes the emissions from different areas of life and provides information about your own behaviour in comparison with the 2-degree target of the Paris climate agreement.

“The goal of radicant is not only to help our customers to invest sustainably, but also to support them in their everyday life through our banking offer, to gain insights into their lifestyle,” says Rouven Leuener, Co-CEO of radicant.

Cooperation with Contovista and Deedster
The CO2 tracker is a module of the “Personal Finance Manager”, a digital financial assistant developed by Swiss fintech Contovista, which is part of the radicant app. “We are firmly convinced that every change and improvement begins with being able to transparently record and understand the current situation,” says Claudia Dietschi, Head of Sales and Customer Success at Contovista. “With the Carbon Footprint Manager, we attach great importance to clearly presenting the individual ecological footprint of each user and making it easy to understand.”

The basis for the CO₂ calculations is Swiss climate data provided by Contovista’s partner Deedster, a leading Swedish specialist for sustainability data. More than 90 data sources and methods are used for the individual calculations. “Together we can empower individuals to take action on climate change and make sustainable lifestyles more accessible and appealing to all,” says Niclas Persson, CEO of Deedster.

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radicant bank ag
Dr. Marta Ra, Head of Business Development, PR

About radicant

radicant bank ag (radicant) is a data- and technology-driven financial services provider with the goal of democratising access to personalised, sustainable banking and wealth management solutions 24/7. As Switzerland’s first digital sustainability bank, it aims to promote the 17 Development Goals (SDGs) of the UN Agenda 2030 together with its community to mobilise capital for a sustainable world. Through increased transparency, radicant wants to help its clients to achieve their individual financial and sustainability goals. radicant is currently in the start-up phase and received its banking license from FINMA in May 2022.

About Contovista

Contovista AG develops AI-based finance management and data analytics solutions that help banks use and enrich transaction data to create relevant and personalized digital banking experiences for their customers. The result is UX-optimized, personal and relevant financial assistants for e- and mobile banking solutions that enable a high level of customer engagement and a sustainable share-of-wallet. Contovista was founded in 2013 and reaches more than 5 million customers at over 26 partner banks.

About Deedster

Founded in 2016, Deedster is a fintech company that enables the shift towards a more sustainable future by developing tools and technical solutions that engage customers and employees in climate protection. Today, Deedster works with some of the largest banks and brands in the world, reaching millions of consumers and employees in 50 markets.

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