Deedster scales up climate action globally



Climate enterprise, Deedster, today announced it has selected Sustainalytics, a leading global provider of ESG research, ratings and data, to provide the firm carbon intensity research.

Since 2016, Deedster has offered gamified and data-driven technology to encourage businesses and their customers to accelerate the transition towards sustainable living.

To enhance its offering, Deedster will utilize Sustainalytics’ carbon intensity research to better calculate the climate impact of individual’s climate footprints and gain access to data across new industries. Sustainalytics’ Carbon intensity research provides the latest reported scope 1 and 2 greenhouse gas (GHG) intensity and emissions for over 10,000 companies.

“We are delighted that Deedster has selected Sustainalytics’ Carbon intensity research to enhance its product offering to its clients,” says Andrea van Dijk, Sustainalytics’ Executive Director of Client Relations. “Our research will help the firm to gain deeper insight into company carbon emissions and access data across a wide range of industries.”

With their latest product Deedster Inside, the company has taken important steps towards scaling up climate action and reaching a global crowd, primarily through banks and retailers.

”Deedster Inside is climate action on your platform. It is a Saas-solution that helps banks and retailers empower customers in their daily steps towards sustainable living, while strengthening their sustainability offerings and brand.” says Niclas Persson, CEO at Deedster.

”With Sustainalytics we can calculate the climate impact for every transaction worldwide. For individuals this could mean that they instantlysee their carbon footprint by logging into their bank. We also offer tailored and data-driven suggestions on how to decrease your footprint in aneasy and fun way. We know that will encourage the many to make small, but important changes in their lifestyle and accelerate the transition towards a sustainable future”


Deedster – climate action made easy and fun
Deedster is the startup that wants to accelerate the transition towards sustainable living by making climate action easy and fun. Deedster was founded 2016 by four executives and entrepreneurs from the capital markets tech space and sustainability advisory services. Since the start, Deedster has been helping more than 140 companies in 20 countries engaging thousands of consumers in sustainability. 2020 they launched their new product Deedster Inside that makes their proven app resources available through API, enabling banks and retailers to empower their customers in the transition towards sustainable living. 

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